The mission of Grassroots Waukesha is to inform and educate ourselves and others about issues concerning Democracy, Social Justice, and the Environment within Waukesha County and then seek remedies through the political process.

To fulfill our mission we host demonstrations, educational events, call to actions, and reach out to the community through our letter writing club and public testimony. To be more effective, we partner with other grassroots and advocacy groups whenever possible.

Grassroots Waukesha was founded in the summer of 2013 around an effort to get a Move To Amend referendum on the ballot in the City Of Waukesha. To accomplish this, we partnered with United Wisconsin and Move to Amend. Our dedicated volunteers collected over 4200 petition signatures in 54 days. Our efforts were rewarded when the referendum was overwhelmingly approved by 69% of the electorate in the April 2014 election. 

If you care about any of the following, take action with us:

          Money in politics
          Fair and open elections
          Transparency in government
          Facts and truth in the media
          Environmental justice
          Public education
          Economic and social justice
          Prevention of violence
          Women's Rights

Grassroots Waukesha