Grassroots Waukesha County

1. Our Democracy

Money in politics has a corrupting influence on our elections and government. Our government exists first for the benefit of the people and not wealthy special interests. We support “Move-to-Amend” to obtain a US constitutional amendment to return power back to all people where "only people have constitutional rights" and "money is NOT speech".

Fair and open elections are one of the foundations of our democracy. Efforts to disenfranchise a portion of the voters by gerrymandering and erecting unnecessary obstacles to voting are wrong.

Removal of transparency and accountability in government allows illegal activity to proceed behind the scenes and allows powerful special interests to make government work for them rather than all the people. These changes to our laws are wrong and need to be reversed.

The control of media by special interests prevents the open exchange of opinion and ideas, the uncovering of truth, and the exposing of corruption. State support for unbiased journalism and non partisan news outlets are needed to balance the one-sided messages from special interests.

An open and free Internet freely accessible to all individuals is a critical right and necessity.

 2. Our Natural World

Global warming is making our planet incapable of sustaining life. Our mission to protect the earth and future life on earth is currently under attack from corporate interests which put short term profits before everything else.

We support organizations like, the Waukesha Environmental Action League, and the Green Team of Waukesha County who show us how to improve our own natural neighborhood, live sustainably, and act locally to save our environment.

3.  Education

Public schools are community institutions. Desegregated public schools are one of the best ways to promote social integration and equality. For- profit schools by definition will exist and serve the needs of the community only if they remain profitable.

Public schools in disadvantaged areas need additional funding to deal with unmet emotional and physical needs of their students. Voucher schools recruit the best students leaving the remaining students to cope in an underfunded public school system.

The solution for improved learning in public schools is additional funding and not vouchers schools.

4. Economic Justice

Insecurity that comes from poor health care, lack of housing, a job, or enough to eat is felt by many Americans. By addressing these basic needs, we promote independence and self sufficiency and thereby create a pathway for everyone to becoming more productive members of the community.

Working people have the right to organize and bargain with their employer for fair wages and benefits. Legislation which negates labor contracts created by good faith bargaining or that otherwise impair the collective bargaining process is an attack on worker's rights to association and to form contracts and contributes to income inequality.

We support a living minimum wage. Being able to provide for yourself and your family without additional assistance improves self esteem. This coupled with access to affordable education and training can lead to a better family life and pathway to a better future.

Basic health care is a right of every citizen. We support the Affordable Care Act and the eventual transition to a single payer health care system in the future.

We support groups like Wisconsin Jobs Now and Citizen Action of Wisconsin to promote economic security and access to affordable health care for all.

5. Social Justice

Our country was founded by immigrants. Today there are many undocumented workers who work in the shadows contributing to our economy many of whom are farm workers, dishwashers, waiters, cooks, and domestic servants. All people who want to come to America, whether to escape injustice or make a better life for themselves and who are willing to become responsible citizens should be welcomed and accommodated.

Incarceration of persons who are nonviolent, solitary confinement as a means of rehabilitation, and the lack of support for those reintroduced into society is immoral.

We support groups like SOFIA who are working for social justice issues such as immigration reform, elimination of unjust incarceration, and elimination of racism.

6. Gun violence

Gun violence is an unfortunate reality in some neighborhoods. The quick and easy access of guns facilitates suicide and domestic abuse. The presence of weapons in the household increases the likelihood of accidental deaths particularly involving children. Blocking common sense legislation calling for background checks and a waiting period in order to appease gun lobbyists and gain votes at election time is wrong.

We support Moms Demand Action and other anti-violence groups who believe more and easier to obtain guns are not the solution for violence in our society.

7.  Women's Rights

We acknowledge the value and gravity of human life. We also acknowledge that circumstances surrounding a decision to end a pregnancy are complicated and have wide reaching consequences. The situation created is always emotional and sometimes traumatic for those involved. Because of that, this decision belongs to the woman alone and should be influenced only by those directly impacted: her family, her doctor, and anyone else she trusts to help her make this decision.