Grassroots Waukesha


Don't spend any money on Wednesday! Spare yourself. Take a day off. NOT MY MONEY, NOT ON WEDNESDAY!
Do this to protest the way that many large corporations and wealthy individuals have taken over politics to manipulate the laws, disrupt union organizations, and pull the wool over the eyes of the common worker in order to transfer wealth upward to the undeserving at the cost of increased burden on the poor.
Instead of shopping, use the extra time you now have to research where you should be spending your money on the other 6 days of the week.
The dollars we spend are “votes” for the type of economy we want to flourish

*    Spend money at locally owned businesses.
*    Spend money at businesses that support a living minimum wage.

*    Spend money at businesses which also support our progressive values.
*    Buy union made products.