In 2016, we hosted monthly demonstrations in Cutler Park (downtown Waukesha) in collaboration with other groups when possible.  Collaboration demonstrations included …

  • Predatory Loans (with SOPHIA)
  • Climate Change (with League of Conservation Voters)
  • Universal Background Checks (with Moms Demand Action)

In the fall, we hosted a space at the Brookfield Farmers Market for 3 consecutive months. Our goal was to provide the opportunity for passers-by to talk about the issues that were important to them. It was refreshing to discover that so many shared our views and appreciated us being there just to say hello. 

Delafield United to Amend

June 2016: City of Delafield residents are the latest of 72 Wisconsin counties and municipalities to push for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would eliminate big money from the election process. Thanks to the hard work of Delafield activists and Grassroots Waukesha members the required number of signatures was collected and the referendum passed. 

Waukesha Health Care Initiative

Farmer's Market Initiative

Demonstration in Cutler Park

2016 in Review

The Waukesha Writer's Club was formed in August 2016. Since then it has grown to 30 members who communicate via email and at bi-monthly meetings.

The purpose of the group is to encourage the spread of liberal and progressive points of view throughout the community primarily as letters to the editor in the Waukesha Freeman and other publications.

Working together gives us the opportunity to discuss the current issues, improve writing skills, and develop persuasive techniques that target conservative readers

April 2016: The Waukesha Health Care Initiative is a coalition consisting of Grassroots Waukesha, SOPHIA, and the Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative formed in the fall of 2015 with the following goal: To educate the public and our lawmakers about the health care conditions in Waukesha Countyand  to make a presentation of recommendations to the Health and Human Services Public Hearing in the spring of 2016.

​To fulfill this goal, we interviewed over 20 health care professionals, religious leaders, and county officials in Waukesha County, created and distributed 2500 pamphlets outside public libraries in March 2016, made presentations within the community, had two op-eds and 7 letters of support published in the Waukesha Freeman, and gave testimony at the Health and Human Services public hearing in April 2016. 

Waukesha Writer's Club

Grassroots Waukesha